Tech Listens February Edition: Uniting Technology and Industry for Societal Growth

Symph’s recent Tech Listens event, part of a monthly series dedicated to exploring the intersection of technology and industry, once again illuminated the power of collaborative innovation in accelerating societal progress.

For its February gathering, Tech Listens selected the prestigious University of the Philippines Cebu as its venue, drawing a broad spectrum of attendees. This included students, IT professionals, entrepreneurs, and government officials, all converging to acquire knowledge and create connections that surpass the usual confines of their respective industries.

A highlight of the evening was the keynote address by Director General Joel Marciano Jr. of the Philippine Space Agency. Dr. Marciano, a revered figure in space technology, offered unparalleled insights into how advancements in space can drive societal growth and global cooperation. His presence underscored the event’s commitment to bridging the gap between cutting-edge technology and its application for the greater good.

Tech Listens

The program was meticulously designed to maximize engagement and interaction among attendees. From the opening remarks by Vice-Chancellor Hazel Trapero of UP Cebu and Shad de la Cruz of Symph to the introduction of Tech Listens hosted by Gee Quidet, and the insightful speaker sessions followed by a Q&A, the event facilitated meaningful dialogue and collaboration.

The evening concluded with Synacy and The Company Cebu and DOHE community partner showcase, closing remarks by Dave Overton of Symph, and an open networking session.

‘Tech Listens is more than an event; it’s a movement towards accelerating intelligence through technology. By organizing these monthly gatherings, we aim to forge a unique space where industry leaders and technology professionals converge. It’s about shifting the focus from technology as an isolated field to a collaborative tool that can address cross-sector challenges. Our goal is to inspire a culture of active listening and learning, opening up avenues for significant impact in industries outside the traditional tech sphere,” said Dave Overton of Symph.

Symph, with its roots deeply embedded in Cebu and now spreading its influence across the Philippines through a remote hybrid setup, remains at the forefront of championing this initiative. With a passionate team dedicated to creating impactful products, Symph leverages its design, development, and strategy expertise to advocate for a world where technology serves as a cornerstone for change.

Leading public relations agency based in Cebu, PRWorks, Inc., is the official PR partner of Tech Listens. Completing a powerhouse lineup of organizations rooted in the Queen City of the South behind the event.

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