Cebu Country Club Embarks on a Grand Transformation as Centennial Approaches

As the Cebu Country Club nears its centennial anniversary, it has embarked on an ambitious journey to redefine itself as the epitome of modernity, exclusivity, and world-class leisure in Cebu.

With 95 years of rich history under its belt, the club is not just celebrating its past but is also taking bold steps towards a future that promises an enhanced and captivating experience for its members.

Undergoing a comprehensive renovation, the esteemed club aims to rejuvenate its facilities, aligning them with the latest design trends and safety standards. The plan includes a significant upgrade of the club’s amenities to make them more contemporary and functional.

The centerpiece of the redevelopment is the transformation of the Clubhouse into a two-story, world-class structure, meticulously designed by Royal Pineda. The new clubhouse will replace the current bungalow-style building.

Cebu Country Club

The ground floor is set to feature a grand foyer, Proshop, expanded dining facilities like the Veranda and Tavern, and state-of-the-art operational areas. Meanwhile, the second floor will boast a ballroom with a 500-person capacity, a substantial increase from the current 250, along with new function rooms, a gym, a game room, and a café overlooking the golf course.

In tandem with the Clubhouse redevelopment, the CCC Golf Course will undergo a redesign to offer the ultimate playing experience. Netforce, a leading design firm, has been commissioned to create a world-class golf course, incorporating an innovative full irrigation system and enhanced drainage to maintain impeccable fairways.

The addition of a larger catchment lake and multiple tee options per hole are set to elevate the golfing experience to match the varied skills of its members.

The club’s expansion doesn’t stop at the golf course. The current motorpool will be relocated to make room for a new driving range, designed to include at least 10 bays. Adjacent to this, the sports clubhouse will feature additional parking, tennis, and multipurpose courts for various sports activities.

Cebu Country Club

A parking building is also planned to connect to the main clubhouse, providing ample space for members’ vehicles.

This grand transformation is scheduled to commence in the first quarter of 2024, with an estimated completion timeline of 18-24 months. The Cebu Country Club’s initiative is a testament to its commitment to providing unparalleled family entertainment, exquisite dining, and recreational services that meet the satisfaction and high standards of its members and guests.

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